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    If you can't find the answers to your questions, please feel free to contact us by e-mail. Our Customer Service Representatives will assist you with your questions.

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    Product Questions
    Q: Does On The Go make a brand of hosiery exclusively for full figured women?
    A: Yes! Since inception, On The Go has offered Queen and Extra Large Queen sizes for full figured women. Our Queen and Extra Large Queen sizes are available in Ultra Sheer, Control Top, Lycra and Day Sheer and provide full figured women with a smooth fit and a luxurious feel.

    Q: How do I select the size that is right for me?
    A: Each On The Go product has its own size chart, which can be found on the order page for each product on our site. Some products, such as our Knee Highs are one size fits most.

    Q: How do I care for my hosiery to make it last longer?
    A: On The Go hosiery is made with high quality durable yarns. However, even high quality On the Go hosiery is fragile and requires proper cleaning and care. To ensure the durability of your hosiery, we recommend that delicate hosiery, such as pantyhose, knee highs, tights and leggings be washed by hand or in the washing machine, in accordance with the instructions below:
    To wash by hand:
    Make sure your hands are clean and free from jewelry or other items that could snag your hosiery
    Use a mild detergent without bleach and carefully massage the hosiery between your hands or soak it in cold water with mild detergent for 10 minutes, then rinse.
    To wash in machine:
    Select cold water, on a gentle cycle, with mild detergent, in a delicates wash bag.
    To dry:
    Place hosiery on a towel, gently roll and squeeze.
    Do not hang hosiery to dry (it stretches) and never dry pantyhose in the dryer (it shrinks).
    Never use bleach on hosiery as it removes colors and weakens fibers.
    Q: What’s the difference between Lycra Ultra Sheer, Ultra Sheer, Control Top and Light Support pantyhose?
    A: Ultra Sheer and Lycra Ultra Sheer hosiery are flattering to the legs and allow the natural skin tone to show through- with a hint of the panty hose’s color. If the item is Control Top, the hose will gently firm and flatten the stomach, hips and thighs to further enhance your appearance. Control Top is also available in Ultra Sheer and Lycra. If the item contains Lycra, then the hosiery is more elastic, a bit heavier, and typically longer lasting.
    Q: What is the correct way to put on panty hose and tights?
    A: Take your time and follow these simple steps, and your pantyhose and tights will run less often and last much longer.
    Remove all jewelry, check fingernails and toenails, and file down any rough edges.
    Put on hosiery one leg at a time: roll each leg of the hosiery down and gently smooth one leg all the way up, and then repeat on the other leg.
    Gently pull the rest of the pantyhose up to your waist while smoothing the fabric to avoid bagging and twisting.
    Be careful not to pull too hard and stretch or run the pantyhose.
    Q: Where can I see a color chart for all of the On The Go styles?
    A: On The Go hosiery colors vary by product. Once you make your style selection, there will be a color swatch next to the style showing the current available colors. As seasons and fashions change, we tend to add new colors and styles- so check back often! You can also search for a particular color to see what styles come in a particular color by using our search tool on the home page.